New Cyber Challenges For 2021

May 2, 2021

COVID-19 has affected the way most businesses operate.  Many companies require that employees work remotely or rotate their “in office” time.  In fact, a remote workforce may be the new normal for many businesses.

COVID-19 has forced businesses to become more dependent on technology and the internet.  This new normal requires special policies and procedures to protect your organization, its data, and network. When workers feel secure you can nurture productivity and enhance collaboration.

Here are a few security tips whether your employees are working on or off premises:

  • Verify the source of emails by checking the ‘From’ field to validate the sender. Phishing emails will appear to send you an email from a trusted source but, they often spoof the “From” address.
  • Make sure employees never use unsecured or public networks.
  • Install the latest cyber security programs.
  • Pay very close attention to the domain name of the websites you visit or that are revealed in embedded links in communications you receive.
  • Never open email attachments that end with: .exe, .scr, .bat, .com, .cmd, .cpl, .js, .jse, .msi, .jar, .vb/.vbs, .psc1 or other executable files you do not recognize.
  • Do not click on embedded links in messages without hovering your mouse over them first to check the URL and verify the domain is safe/secure.
  • Do not respond or reply to spam in any way. Delete the message and then delete it again from your deleted folder.

The right combination of tools and human insight can prevent catastrophic events.

Cyber Insurance

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