COVID-19 Safety for Your Business

May 11, 2021

Employers must ensure social distancing for employees and customers, frequent and adequate employee hand-washing, and that sick employees stay home. Employers must also provide basic workplace hazard education about coronavirus and how to prevent transmission in languages best understood by employees. Your workers’ compensation insurer can offer tools and advice in this area.

Here are tips for your business to consider:

  • Make sure your facility is fully clean, disinfected, and equipped with a blueprint for maintaining safe conditions.
  • Set up a support system for employees as they return to work as they adjust to new realities and the emotional challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Create a plan for a safe work environment that protects employees and customers from risks connected to COVID-19, including exposure and transmission.
  • Prepare a business continuity plan which addresses significant absenteeism, supply chain disruptions, or changes in the way you need to conduct business.
  • Establish an emergency communications plan. Identify key contacts (with back-ups), the chain of communications (including suppliers and customers), and the process for tracking and communicating about business and employee status.
  • Share your response plans with employees and clearly communicate expectations. It is important to let employees know plans and expectations if COVID-19 occurs in communities where you have a workplace.

Sources: Cleveland Clinic, CDC, & OSHA