Is Your Automobile a Burglar?

Criminals are basically lazy. That is why they steal. Your automobile is now their best resource to do their work for them. They target cars that reflect an owners life style. They also target shopping centers, movie theaters and sporting events. This gives them a window of time before the car may be missed.

Step 1 : Break into car and disable alarm and get it started. Both easy tasks for accomplished car thief.

Step 2: Go to your GPS and enter “Home”. Thief now has directions to your house. If you do not have GPS, they take your registration and insurance card out and use their phone GPS. Either way , they are on their way to your house!

Step 3: An associate is also en route to your home to make sure no one else is home. Someone else at home? No problem they now know if your house is a viable target and can come back later.

Step 4: They arrive at your house and use the car garage door opener and drive right in. You did not lock the entry door in the garage, right. Most homeowners don’t.

Step 5: Disable alarm. Did you use a pass code like 1,2,3,4? Maybe 9,9,9,9. Over 85% of people leave the Alarm Company default after they install a system.

Its now over. You have been robbed by your automobile! Here are two simple tips to avoid this if your car is stolen:

  1. Take your registration and Insurance card and either black out your address or cut it out all together. The law says you have to show proof of insurance and have a valid registration but you are not required to show your address. Police will always use your Drivers License. Make sure that you do not have any other documents in the glove box or car that has your address on it.
  2. If you have a GPS make sure that your “Home” destination can only be accessed by putting in a code. Again, do not use defaults, 1234 etc.

You may not see your car again but at least your residence is protected.

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