Armstrong Company clients receive customized coverage options that have been created specifically for their business.  We recognize that every organization has a different risk profile, specific appetite for risk retention and a unique set of factors that will determine the type of Risk Management program that is best suited for them.  Our service includes year round monitoring and support of the program.


  • Identification of Exposures
  • Selection of optimum Risk Management Techniques
  • Insurance Coverage Procurement
  • Implementation of the Program
  • Ongoing monitoring of the Program


  • Risk Control
  • Loss Forecasting
  • Claims review
  • Trend Analysis
  • Collateral review of Letters of Credit


We work with our clients in the establishment of their Risk Management Program. Together we set the objectives, implement the program in stages, and monitor on a quarterly basis. An important component is engaging the insurance carrier(s) claims department as an integral partner in the program. We establish specific claims procedures so our clients are part of the claim process from initial report through final payment.

For our more complex clients we work with them on Alternative Risk Financing techniques, Self Insured Programs and Offshore or domestic Captive Insurance Programs.

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