Home Theft Protection Tips

Criminals are lazy. That is why they steal! 90% of home burglaries are based upon the homeowner not taking some basic preventive measures. There are three facets of theft;


We cannot change a thief’s desire to steal nor control his abilities. We can remove the opportunity so he will move on to the next house. Here are some basic tips you can use:

  1. Lock you inside garage entry door whenever you go out. It does take a little more work but can save your valuables.
  2. Never use a default code on your alarm system. It may sound stupid, but there are people who tape the code to the keypad because they entered a long code they cannot remember. If you cannot remember the code put it on your phone as a telephone number.
  3. Install motion detector lights in areas that are not well lit and have either door or window access.
  4. Install deadbolt on all doors. Burglars really hate them.
  5. Don’t leave your garage door open on nice days. It’s a good indicator to thieves to see what is in your garage that may give a clue to what’s inside.
  6. If you go on vacation, have a neighbor remove flyers from your door. A new tactic is to put flyers on door knobs and see if they are there after 3-4 days.
  7. Don’t let anyone in your house that is offering a “Free Security Assessment” or says they are with the police department and giving free security evaluations. The Police NEVER.
  8. If you are financially able, install a security door between your entry door or put a courtyard gate in. This gives you a zone between you and anyone wanting to get in the house. When you open your door, the momentum is easier for someone to push in than for you to push it shut.

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