High Risk Auto

Have you been labeled a “High Risk” auto customer?   What does “High Risk Auto” mean?

The Armstrong Company Insurance Consultants is continuously looking for ways to better serve our customers.  Listening to our customers, we noticed the need to address the “high risk” auto consumer.  If you are labeled in this category you could be a young teenage driver, had multiple accidents in a short time, had a DUI or a lapse in your insurance coverage.  Whatever the reason you are classified as “high risk”, by law you still need insurance and you need to protect your assets.

How can I remove the “High Risk” classification from my record?

Time and an effort to improve your driving skills/record is the most important thing you can do to eliminate the “high risk” auto customer category.  View our Helpful Articles to learn more about safe driving habits.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22, sometimes referred to as a Financial Responsibility Form, demonstrates proof of liability insurance.  In other words, it is evidence a driver has an active insurance policy, thus the ability to pay a future claim up to a state’s minimum required limit.


How can I find affordable insurance?

Let our experienced licensed representatives answer your questions on High Risk Auto Insurance.  The Armstrong Company Insurance Consultants understands the special needs of a high risk auto insurance customer.   Contact us at 866-990-9286 or Request a Quote online today to find out how to protect your assets and your future.  We are here to work for you!

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