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  • Is There Such A Thing As Normal Risk?

      Business owners and managers must now think outside the box when it comes to risk and related insurance as there is no longer such a thing as “normal risk”. This is a call to action for insurance professionals to educate themselves on the changing landscape and to consumers to look for an insurance broker […]

    August 24, 2022

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    Security Breaches: Top Concern for Many Business Owners

    Over the last several years, cyber liability coverage has evolved from insurance for information technology companies to coverage that nearly every type of business should carry. Many companies are unaware of their cyber liability exposure from retailers, banks, contractors, distributors, restaurants, and medical offices; these all have considerable cyber liability risks. State laws require companies […]

    August 16, 2022

  • What Should Insurance Buyers Look For In Their Broker

    Our world is much different than it was just two years ago.  Things have changed and many changes are here to stay.  We all must adapt to a different way of managing our personal and business lives and finances.  Having a high-value insurance broker can help you manage these uncertain times. Selecting your insurance broker […]

    August 9, 2022


    Why Is Directors and Officers Insurance important?

    Corporate Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O) Protects Corporate Directors and Officers from Personal Liability Most business insurance policies are meant to protect a company’s assets and earnings. The purpose of Directors and Officers, often known as D&O Insurance, is to protect and defend the personal assets and income of boards of directors, employees and corporate […]

    February 12, 2022

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    Do Small Business Startups Need Insurance?

    Commercial insurance is essential for all businesses. New enterprises and start-ups in particular stand to lose the most if things go wrong.  It’s critical to safeguard yourself in the greatest possible way, which includes purchasing commercial insurance. This form of insurance is not required in all states, but if you want to run a successful […]

    January 27, 2022

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    Commercial Excess Liability, A Key Coverage for Your Business

    In the year 2000, it was uncommon for a company to be sued for more than a million dollars. In 2021, it is not uncommon for a business to have several large claims going on at the same time. A large judgment against your company could damage your reputation and might even put you out […]

    December 16, 2021


    Important Things To Consider Before Your Next Business Insurance Renewal

    The day-to-day operations and challenges of running a business can often overshadow the importance of reviewing your insurance coverage. Updating your insurance may not be at the top of your priority list, what with work, home, and personal obligations. Have you ever wondered when you should update your insurance policy? We recommend your take the time to […]

    December 9, 2021


    Reasons Small Businesses Need Commercial Insurance

    If you own a small business, you know how hard you have worked to get your business started and sustainable. Most small businesses fail in the first the year. So congratulation, you have made it this far. Even if your firm is run out of your house or car, you should think about small business […]

    November 12, 2021

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    Remote Workers And Cyber Security Risks

    There are more remote workers in American today than at any time in our recent history. Many employers are embracing this trend, but there are new risks to consider. As a result of this distant work environment, a crucial problem arises in new security threats. In our digital age, businesses have had to improve their […]

    September 11, 2021