Identity Theft An Emerging Risk For Most Businesses

July 12, 2018

We have all heard of identity theft as it relates to individuals. Most of us have some form of identity theft protection just in case. However, businesses are now facing the same kind of risk, only as it relates to their business. The emerging risk includes; business tax fraud, trademark issues, website hacks, and credit card fraud.

Experts are telling us that criminals are combining stolen data and creating tax returns in the name of the business. According to the IRS, the total losses in 2017 were $270 million.

We recommend that you have our agency complete a business insurance and risk review to determine your exposure and create a plan of action. Our solutions might include the following.

Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber insurance can cover your businesses cyber exposure through a cyber breach. This could include a data breach, loss of client’s information and the costs associated with reporting and restoration. Cyber risk insurance can also cover.

  • Media Liability
  • Error & Omission Insurance
  • Regulatory Defense & Penalties
  • Extortion & Ransomware coverage
  • Data Breach Response Costs
  • Business Interruption
  • Network Security Coverage

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