Disaster Preparedness- Emergency Communication List

June 21, 2016

When preparing an Emergency Response Plan for unexpected disasters a key ingredient is your Emergency Communication List. You may want to begin by choosing an emergency contact person outside of your geographic area because it may be easier to call long distance than locally after a disaster.

emergency service design, vector illustration eps10 graphic

Take a minute now to call or email an out-of-town staff member or board member to ask him or her to be your designated contact in the event of an emergency. What about local authorities in case of fire, health issue or cyber threat? Do you have a communications list ready in case you need to act fast?

Click here for a Sample Emergency Communication List to get you started.

Prepare emergency contact card(s) for designated person(s). Keep a copy of the emergency contact card(s) in several known locations throughout your facilities.

Your emergency planning should also address the care of pets, aiding persons with access and functional needs and the safe shutting off of utilities. Click on the corresponding links below for further information.

The Armstrong Company Insurance Consultants assists clients with their risk management assessments. Disaster Preparedness is a must to help mitigate potential losses. We will highlight different aspects of “Disaster Preparedness Planning” in future blogs and newsletters. (check back often as this is a growing resource)

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