Is Your Business Prepared For A Loss?

April 9, 2021

A Business Insurance Update

Your business insurance can respond to many kinds of risks and losses.  Protecting your business from a loss may be the difference between having a great year and having to close your doors.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, 30% of businesses that have a fire never re-open.  It pays to have the right business insurance and to manage your tops risks.

Do you know the most common risks faced by most businesses?

Cyber breach – Your small business has a greater chance of having a data breach than it does of having a fire.  Make sure you have a comprehensive cyber liability insurance policy.  Don’t save passwords on your computer, use the latest security software, train your employees on cyber security, and never use an open network.

Customer trip and fall – Make sure you keep your business entry and walkways clean and clear of clutter, debris, and spills.

Flood – Standard business insurance policies exclude flood damage.  Make sure you consider flood insurance.

Fire – Every business is vulnerable to fire.  Install automatic alarms to ensure proper notification, disconnect equipment when not in use, and never overload sockets with plugs.

Theft – Develop a system for end of day closure procedures.  Keep a light on at night.  Burglars are less inclined to break in if they think someone is there.