Cyber Risk Prevention

July 8, 2014

According to IT Business Edge, 50% of businesses listed cyber security as one of their top five business risks. “With the revelations of the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program and retail store Target’s breach of confidential credit card information, this heightened awareness has been justified and provided warning of the need for awareness and mitigation of this risk.” Kachina Shaw

A cyber-attack can create losses in at least three areas:

  1. Loss of data
  2. Disruption of service
  3. Loss of data confidentially

Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber risk insurance is available at very reasonable premiums. Many of our companies offer coverage to help protect your business from loss. If you have a standard business policy you may not have the right kind of coverage. Let us work with you to provide the right coverage.

Cyber Risk Prevention


  • Do not use the same password for multiple accounts, especially important accounts such as online banking or an online store with your credit card on file.
  • Install security software designed for your business.
  • Use read-only view on word documents.
  • Review bank and credit card statements regularly.
  • Having the company’s database on a different web server than the application server.

Security Breaches

  • Never email personal information on an unsecured Wi-Fi network; the network can be hacked and the information accessed by unauthorized users.
  • Don’t disclose private information unless necessary, and always verify the source if asked to input sensitive information into a website or email.