Covered California Update

May 6, 2014

Health Insurance Triggering Events

If you have not signed up for health insurance in California, you missed the recent deadline. Covered California does offer special enrollment call ” Triggering Events”. Each of has at one time or another had a life changing event that changed how we look at health insurance. Healthcare reform has created tremendous stress in everyone’s life. Apart from healthcare reform there are some health insurance companies and products that allow for coverage under certain situations. These are called triggering events. Triggering events often allow for a special enrollment periods.

Triggering Events

  • Return from active military duty
  • Release from incarceration
  • Gain of immigration status or citizenship
  • Permanent move to a new state
  • Legal separation
  • Divorce
  • Termination of domestic partnership or civil union
  • Change in full-time employment status
  • Involuntary loss of employer-sponsored insurance
  • Death of a parent or spouse
  • Change in dependent status as a result of turning 26

Coverage effective dates will depend on individual circumstances. Usually there is a 60 day enrollment period for application. Therefore, if you know of a triggering event it is always best to notify the insurer as soon as possible. Customers’ effective date can be as early as 30 days prior to the renewal date. Of course as with any health insurance, there will need to be verification and documentation that will need to be submitted.

This information may not apply in every health insurance situation, so please contact our office for more information