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Workers’ Compensation Best Practices

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

As a business owner, you go to great lengths to provide a safe working environment for your employees. But when dealing with humans, accidents can happen and Workers’ Compensation Insurance can help. Workers Compensation Insurance should be an important part of your risk management program. What is Workers’ Compensation? Workers’ compensation insurance is insurance that…Read More

2019 Business Predictions

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

A Business Insurance Update 2019 is set to be a very good year for businesses.  We can count on many business-friendly policies and administrative rules that will help companies prosper. In addition, many communities are promoting the support of local businesses.  With the economy still strong, more people are buying goods and services. One of…Read More

Reduce Your Work Comp Costs

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

As a supervisor, you play an important role in an ill or injured employee’s recovery and return to work. When an employee has the opportunity to return to work you can often help speed recovery by providing certain accommodations.  Your organization and employee can both benefit from “transitional” duties such as modified work, alternative work…Read More

How to Prepare My Business for an OSHA Audit

Monday, August 7th, 2017

OSHA audits are not usually something for which you advanced warning.  Often, an OSHA inspector simply shows up at your firm to conduct an inspection.  However, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your stress and to ensure that your audit goes smoothly.  It is always best to think about how…Read More

Workers’ Compensation Tips From Top Risk Managers

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Some of the nation’s top risk managers often share their secrets with the world through published articles and on social media. We have been tracking these tips over the past year and thought we might share a few of them with you. Trip and fall injuries from Disney – With the millions of people and…Read More

Fraud in Workers’ Comp

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

One of the best ways for businesses to control their workers’ compensation costs is to control the frequency of all insurance claims. There are legitimate claims however; unfortunately, there are also fraudulent claims. In addition to a well-planned safety program, your business should also address a zero tolerance for fraud as standard policy. The following…Read More

The complexity of Workers’ Compensation

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Many business owners ask, “What drives the Workers’ Compensation machine and why are our costs so high?” We address some issues below that start to scratch the surface. There were nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers in 2014 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The highest incident…Read More

The Best in a Workers Compensation Program

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

When we are described as “the best” in our fields or areas of expertise we are generally compared to individuals or businesses doing similar tasks. The National Underwriter’s from PropertyCasualty360 did such a comparison of businesses that showed excellence in workers’ compensation risk management. In this blog we have highlighted some of the key components of the…Read More

Managing Workers’ Comp Costs

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Managing Workers’ Comp Costs One essential element in managing worker’s comp costs is communication with your insurance broker. When reviewing your worker’s compensation programs with your insurance broker, communication is a key to minimize costs. As an employer another key element is to ensure that injuries are managed effectively and that there are plans in…Read More

Workers Compensation-Incident Report

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Having an Incident Report in Place Sources California State University WC Guide for Supervisors & Managers, OSHA Do you have a plan in place for your business if an employee becomes ill or injured while at work?  A Supervisor’s Injury and Illness Incident Report is a general requirement under OSHA regulations.  Partial Exemption is given…Read More

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