Armstrong clients receive individualized coverage options that have been created specifically for their business.  We recognize that every organization has a different risk profile, specific appetite for risk retention and a unique set of factors that will determine the type of program that is best suited for them.  Our service includes year round monitoring and support of the program.


  • Identification of Exposures
  • Selection of optimum Risk Management Techniques
  • Implementation of the Program
  • Ongoing monitoring of the program

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From the Desk of Des

Over the years, I have had many experiences in regards to assisting our clients in their risk assessment analysis and how to best protect their business and personal interests. As time passes and the marketplace evolves so do the risks and the assessment and methods used to protect our assets. With that thought in mind, I feel very strongly about alerting our clients to the topic of Cyber Liability…. Click here to read more.

When Disaster Strikes!

The Armstrong Company Insurance Consultants  has set itself apart from others with its Rapid Response program whenever there is a major catastrophic event. With our exclusive partnership with Belfor our clients are getting their losses adjusted as soon as the all clear has sounded. When a hurricane or tornado hits, time is critical. Call today and find out more about this valuable feature.