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How to comply with Fire Safety Plan OSHA standard

Know the standard. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Fire Safety Plan standard is found at 1915.502.

General Below is a description of the main elements which are needed in your company’s plan.

  • Employer responsibilities. The employer must develop and implement a written fire safety plan that covers all the actions that employers and employees must take to ensure employee safety in the event of a fire.
  • Plan elements. The employer must include the following information in the fire safety plan:
  1. Identification of the significant fire hazards;
  2. Procedures for recognizing and reporting unsafe conditions;
  3. Alarm procedures;
  4. Procedures for notifying employees of a fire emergency;
  5. Procedures for notifying fire response organizations of a fire emergency;
  6. Procedures for evacuation;
  7. Procedures to account for all employees after an evacuation; and
  8. Names, job titles, or departments for individuals who can be contacted for further information about the plan.
  • Reviewing the plan with employees. The employer must review the plan with each employee at the following times:
  1. Upon initial assignment for new employees; and
  2. When the actions the employee must take under the plan change because of a change in duties or a change in the plan.
  • Additional employer requirements. The employer also must:
  1. Keep the plan accessible to employees, employee representatives, and OSHA;
  2. Review and update the plan whenever necessary, but at least annually;
  3. Document that affected employees have been informed about the plan as required by paragraph (c) of this section; and
  4. Ensure any outside fire response organization that the employer expects to respond to fires at the employer’s worksite has been given a copy of the current plan.

Contract employers. Contract employers must have a fire safety plan for their employees, and this plan must comply with the host employer’s fire safety plan.

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